Most companies struggle because they're losing good employees that they want to keep. We help companies Hire, Develop & Keep their Top Performers. Our clients found that their employees were not quitting the company - they were quitting their bosses. The off-the-shelf training, they were using was too generic and simply didn't work. In response, we developed customized training delivered on-site by business leaders. Bench Builders' other consulting services include: strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership team building & HR strategy.

Management Training • Strategic Planning • Executive Coaching • Leadership Team Building • HR Strategy



You shouldn't have to hire employees with your fingers crossed. There are proven ways to hire employees who will be a good fit and get up-to-speed quickly. 


Promotion-From-Within is a great idea. But companies oftentimes promote folks that have good Technical skills but lack the People skills needed to effectively manage. 


Did you know that the average cost to replace an employee is $17,874? We help companies create an environment where employees feel respected & included. 

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