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What's the ideal meeting size? According to Stanford University's Robert Sutton, it's between 5-8. He found that when well-intended managers are too inclusive with

Managers commonly dread terminating an employee. And frankly, we should feel a little dread when parting ways with an employee - it's what makes us human.

It's mid-summer. As the temperature soars ... so does the potential for workplace conflict. Ignoring it can be costly. Understanding the reasons behind workplace conflict

Finding & keeping top talent has always been tough. But with our booming economy, it's gotten even tougher. Our clients are finding that being considered an

I'm an extrovert. As such, sometimes I tend to talk too much when I'm leading meetings. Dominating a meeting, especially when you're the senior person in the

Sometimes good employees are simply in the wrong job. If you have employees who are not able to fully utilize their skills & abilities, they won't meet their full potential

Which describes you best, Visionary or Operator? Why not both? Visionaries embrace strategy and think about amazing things to do. Operators get things done.

As a leader have you found yourself questioning whether taking time off is worth the effort? If yes, you're not alone. Over half of Americans leave some vacation time on the

As companies get flatter, teams tend to get bigger. If you are managing a team that is growing, you have probably noticed that the old way of doing things no longer

We've all been there. You're leading a meeting and someone talks, and talks, and talks - and no one else can get a word in edgewise. 

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