Don't Have a Mentor? Why Not?

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 2/14/19 10:36 AM



Today, employees are expected to do more to contribute to their company. Often this means being more focused & knowledgeable with less support and fewer resources. If you're feeling the pressure to keep up, learn continuously and demonstrate your talents simultaneously, you're not alone. This is where a mentor can very helpful. A mentor should be someone who has more life experience than you; someone you aspire to be like or who you think shares your morals and values. If you can find the right mentor, you will find yourself receiving an invaluable informal education.

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Management Flashes from "Between the Hashes"

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 1/31/19 7:15 AM


This Sunday, either the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams will compete for the honor of raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl LIII Champions.

100+ million will watch it on TV. Odds are good that you will be one of them.

Yes, a team has to be good to make it to the Super Bowl. But what does it take to win it all?

Might the same requirements apply to Companies as well?

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Strategy that Sticks

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 1/16/19 7:07 AM


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Top HR Trends in 2019

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 1/10/19 7:03 AM


I was originally drawn to HR because no two days are alike. However, a few trends appear to be taking center stage in 2019.

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Merry Christmas Friends

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 12/20/18 7:07 AM


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Looking for Leaders? BUILD or BUY?

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 12/12/18 7:27 AM



Most agree that developing a robust leadership pipeline is key to driving your company's strategy. But should you build or buy your leadership talent?

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True or False? Most wait until the New Year to begin their job search?

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 11/29/18 7:17 AM


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New C-Suite Hires: Onboarding or Waterboarding?

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 11/14/18 7:15 AM


Most companies understand the bottom line value of an effective onboarding program.

Why, then, do they often fail to do the same for their new executives? Companies that invest in new executive transition tend to perform better. Every dollar spent onboarding new employees greatly multiplies in the future. That is particularly true for executives. 

Making a hiring decision is a lot like getting engaged to someone. Both the company and the new employee have courted each other. One-on-one interviews (dating), team interviews (meet the family), and all manner of vetting (the social grapevine) take place before the offer, the negotiations, and acceptance of the offer. Here are some suggestions to make sure that the executive engagement leads to a happy marriage:

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3 Things Managers Should Be Doing Every Day

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 11/1/18 7:45 AM


Would you like to know the secret sauce to effective management?

According to the experts it's Building.

• Building Trust

• Building Teams

• Building Broader Networks

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Employee Motivation Time Bombs

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 10/25/18 7:45 AM

Seems that everyone is talking about employee engagement nowadays.  Companies that don't demonstrate that they care about their workforce are at risk of losing touch and losing business as savvier, more forward-thinking competitors take the lead.

If you want to make sure you're providing your employees with an environment in which they can thrive, check your workplace for these motivation time bombs:

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