Don't Have a Mentor? Why Not?

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 2/14/19 10:36 AM



Today, employees are expected to do more to contribute to their company. Often this means being more focused & knowledgeable with less support and fewer resources. If you're feeling the pressure to keep up, learn continuously and demonstrate your talents simultaneously, you're not alone. This is where a mentor can very helpful. A mentor should be someone who has more life experience than you; someone you aspire to be like or who you think shares your morals and values. If you can find the right mentor, you will find yourself receiving an invaluable informal education.

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New C-Suite Hires: Onboarding or Waterboarding?

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 11/14/18 7:15 AM


Most companies understand the bottom line value of an effective onboarding program.

Why, then, do they often fail to do the same for their new executives? Companies that invest in new executive transition tend to perform better. Every dollar spent onboarding new employees greatly multiplies in the future. That is particularly true for executives. 

Making a hiring decision is a lot like getting engaged to someone. Both the company and the new employee have courted each other. One-on-one interviews (dating), team interviews (meet the family), and all manner of vetting (the social grapevine) take place before the offer, the negotiations, and acceptance of the offer. Here are some suggestions to make sure that the executive engagement leads to a happy marriage:

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5 Tips to Finding a Great Mentor

Posted by Mike O'Neill on 9/19/17 10:38 AM

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