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Most HR departments run lean. We offer a helping hand enabling you to hire, develop & keep your top performers.

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Sensible Solutions to Tough HR Problems.

Being responsible for HR is a BIG job.

You oversee every phase of the employee life cycle: attracting, recruiting, on-boarding, developing, retaining & separating. HR is responsible for strategy, compliance, policies, compensation & benefits, succession planning … it never ends, and it has to be done right.

Your responsibilities are many and your resources are few.

But you don’t have to manage it all alone. Sometimes you need help doing the work that has to get done. Other times, you could just use a skilled consultant that understands your needs and can help you make the right decisions that will impact your bottom line.

That's where we come in.

We Are Here to Provide Support Where You Need it Most.

Retention Strategies
The average cost to replace an employee is $17,874. We help companies create an environment where the employees feel respected & valued. These employees are now less likely to quit.
HR Strategy
Most HR departments are small. We understand that challenge and offer a helping hand enabling you to recruit, engage, develop and retain the best employee team possible.
Have confidence that your company is compliant. This will free your team up to support growing your business and impact your bottom line. Our expertise includes: EEOC – NLRB – OSHA - OFCCP