Leaders Don't Have to Learn On their Own.

Your managers can lean on our team to develop proven skills that are practical and can be used immediately on-the-job.

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Your leaders are the foundation your company is built upon.

The managers in your organization are your boots on the ground. Every decision they make,  and every interaction they have, impacts your company's productivity and your employees' morale.

Over 50% of Americans have left a job to "get away from their manager at some point in their career" according to Gallup's "State of the American Manager" report.

However, most managers are forced to learn how to be a leader without much guidance or training (if any).

  • Your managers might be promoted from within the company — because that's an easy & beneficial thing to do. But, a newly-promoted manager can struggle to excel when they go from employee & friend to boss overnight.
  • You might decide to hire someone with industry experience instead of promoting an existing employee. But, that doesn't always work out either. They might know your industry, but they still have to learn your company, your products, your services, AND build a relationship with your existing employees (some of which might be resentful that they weren't promoted).

Either way, your managers must have the soft skills needed to fully engage their employees.

Engaged employees are the ones who work the hardest, perform the best, and stay the longest.

Isn't that what you need from your team?

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Build Your Bench®
Your managers will learn the essential soft skills needed to perform effectively. This training will improve your company's productivity, boost employee morale, and retain your top performers.
New to the Bench®
Newly promoted supervisors develop the soft skills needed to get off to a good start. Their new skills will improve employee retention, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line results.
Customized Workshops
Bench Builders has the resources and expertise to develop & deliver customized training to address a wide variety of topics.